Automate your crypto investment

Stop being emotional and respect a strategy ! 95% of all traders fail because they don't have a good one. Is a Binance fully automated trading bot for crypto currencies.

It uses a powerful trading strategy that follows trends, with multiple indicators and set of rules to make sure we profit from the market volatility, and at the same time protect our customers from any market downturn.

Trust and Risk

Your money never leaves your account, we only use API Access to manage your portfolio, and you can disable withdrawal option to make sure your assets are safe.

We rely on our powerful strategy to trade multiple crypto currencies against a stable coin like USDT, in that way we can assure exposure to crypto market and also protect our gains from market crashes and corrections.

You can Back test our strategy with multiple configurations, and get a detailed report of Trades, Profits, Fees, ROI and other metrics.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Crypto markets are volatile, make sure you understand the basics of crypto currencies before investing.